Building Warranty Insurance

Building Warranty Insurance provides the ultimate protection for building owners as well as property developers and investors. Many property owners and purchasers believe that the Building Act is all the protection they need to guard against defects arising after completion.

However, while the Act assigns liability to those involved in the project – developers, builder, architect, etc. – it doesn’t help in identifying who is at fault if a defect occurs. That can often be difficult, may involve litigation, and can be both time consuming and costly. Building Warranty Insurance avoids the need for identifying who is at fault when a defect occurs. Instead, repairs to rectify the problem are covered by insurance.

Builders and Developers

As a builder or developer, it is crucial to prioritize delivering projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards. However, every project comes with various risks, both financial and practical, such as design, materials, and workmanship. It is important to note that the Building Act holds you responsible for any defects affecting the property’s performance for 10 years after completion.

To protect your clients and ensure their satisfaction, arranging the best available insurance against post-completion defects is vital. While the Building Act imposes liability on project participants, it does not provide a solution or cover repair costs. By proactively offering comprehensive insurance coverage and a reliable warranty, you demonstrate your commitment to addressing potential defects and safeguarding your clients’ investments.

Home owners

Most property owners and purchasers believe that the Building Act is all the protection they need to guard against defects arising in a property after completion. Unfortunately, the Act merely imposes a liability on the various participants to the project – developers, architects, engineers, builders, suppliers etc. – but it does not actually solve the problem or pay for repairs.

The owner of a defective building must first prove liability against one or more of the parties responsible (if they are still in business) and then successfully obtain payment. This can require expensive and lengthy litigation with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Defects claims are often complicated, having more than one cause. By contrast, with Building Warranty insurance in place there is no need for owners to establish who is at fault or to prove negligence, and no need to pursue litigation before repairs can be carried out.

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