Stamford Now Includes Renovation and Re-Clad Projects in Their Policy Range

Many New Zealand home owners undertake major renovation projects to bring their home into the 21st century and we recognise that these projects deserve the protection of our warranty just as much as new homes.

The re-cladding of leaky homes and apartments is also set to gather momentum as homeowners and body corporates settle their claims with government, localcouncils and the original contractor, become “cashed-up” and ready to tackle the problems with their homes. The last thing any of these owners need is for the re-clad project itself to go wrong, as many already have, and to find themselves back at square one.

Owners of leaky buildings and others carrying out extension or renovation projects can now obtain a 10 year warranty from Stamford to cover the new works.

In conjunction with HOBANZ and re-clad specialist surveyors, Maynard Marks,Stamford Insurance has devised a new policy which will incorporate a rigorous design and materials appraisal, intended to ensure that these projects achieve their objective – a sound, weather tight home which will carry a new 10 year warranty. It will provide closure to the problems of leaky homes and give owners what they need most – peace of mind.

The warranty is transferrable to a new owner, making it likely that the current owner should be able to sell the property at a more attractive price.

HOBANZ, the Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to helping the owners of leaky buildings to obtain appropriate compensation and then advising those owners on how to best undertake the renovation project. They have unrivalled expertise based on lessons learned the hard way and have built a network of trusted providers to ensure that projects are executed to the
highest standards.

One thing is certain – there are no short-cuts worth taking when dealing with a leaky home or apartment building. Do it once and do it right is the golden rule.

So whether you are undertaking a renovation, an extension or a re-clad, Stamford can now provide a 10 year warranty for your project.

For more information contact Stamford Insurance direct or HOBANZ