Stamford Building Warranty Insurance
Builder / Developer Registration Form

This is an application to become a Stamford Approved Builder or Developer.  Once approved you will be able to arrange 10 year warranties on your projects as they arise and pass these on to your clients.

Once your application has been accepted, we will send you our invoice for the registration fee ($1,500 + GST).  Renewal fee (annual $250 + GST).

Duty of Disclosure

Our warranty is a policy of insurance and so you have a duty to disclose every matter you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, that a prudent insurer would want to take into account in deciding whether to provide the insurance and, if so, on what terms.

Your duty does not require disclosure of a matter:

  • that diminishes the risk to be insured;
  • that is of common knowledge;
  • that we know or in the ordinary course of our business we ought to know;
  • that we state to you that we do not want to know.

Privacy Act 1993

Stamford respects your privacy and all information is held in confidence.

  • This proposal collects personal information about you and is collected and held by Stamford to evaluate the insurance being sought;
  • The failure to provide this information may result in your application for insurance being declined, or your insurance being void from the beginning;
  • You have rights to access, and correct this information subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.

Technical Audit

On payment of that invoice we will instruct our Chartered Surveyors to contact you to arrange the technical assessment which is an important part of our underwriting process.  This will consist of a review of your Quality Assurance procedures, both at head office and at a typical site, to ensure that we can provide you with guidance and support to achieve the highest standards in the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Stamford Approved Builder / Developer.

Please return the completed form by email to

Builder Developer Registration Form

Please Note: Whilst filling out this form you can come back to it at any point as the information is stored on the local server, however if you choose to close your browser window you will lose any progress.

1. Builder/Developer

2. Type of Business

3. Business Details

4. Industry Experience of all Directors, Proprietors

Word, Excel, PDF

5. Organisation and Structure

6. Quality Control

Who is responsible for Quality Control?

7. Business Background

8. Insurance Details

It is very important that Registered Builders / Developers maintain adequate Insurance cover for the development in progress (Contract Works) including Public Liability. We can provide Contract Works Insurance for Developers / Builders which is available either as an annually renewable policy or on a project by project basis.

9. Previous Developments

Please provide information relating to your 3 largest developments in the last three years.

Development One

Development Two

Development Three

10. Provide A Summary Report

Please provide a Summary Report of Work in Progress either as an Excel spreadsheet or by click here to download a form and submit below.

11. Declaration by the Insured

Have you or any Director, Partner or Principal:

12. Stamford Insurance Ltd

I/we declare to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, the information I/we have given is correct and complete in every detail and I/we have not withheld any material fact. I/we understand that the signing of this form does not bind us to effecting this insurance but agree that should a quotation be accepted, that this proposal and the statements made herein shall form the basis of the new contract between me and the Underwriter.

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