Construction & Civil Engineering Insurance

With wide experience in all aspects of construction and civil engineering, we will earn our place on your team with our ability to quickly understand and evaluate your risk profile and define your insurance objectives.

We will be comfortable from the Boardroom to the Building Site and provide the support you need at every level of the operation. We understand also the complex contract conditions used to define the duties and responsibilities of all the parties to a contract and will tailor your insurance and risk management programme precisely to those needs.

We will help you to manage and improve the risk

The pressure to improve risk management and health and safety in construction is relentless but the benefits are tangible in the form of fewer days lost through injury or damage, smoother operations and reduced insurance costs. We will coordinate regular reviews with your team and our risk management consultants to ensure that your business benefits from a pro-active approach in this vital area.

We understand the market

No one company is likely to be able to provide the full range of covers needed at any one time – you need a broker with a deep understanding of the Insurance Market who can combine the strengths of a variety of insurers and bring these together to create a cohesive and seamless insurance programme which provides a comprehensive solution. Our Local Insurers can be supported and complemented by our extensive Worldwide Contacts to bring a Total Solution to any Company or Individual Project.

We can cover all the risks - Worldwide

Insurance is available for every type of project and risk anywhere in the world:

  • Annual Contract Works
  • Single Project Contract Works
  • “Wrap-up” Insurance Programmes – where all the parties to a large project are covered as joint insured’s under the same set of policies which may be Owner-Controlled or Main Contractor-Controlled
  • Cover for Contractor’s Mobile Plant including Plant Hired-in or Hired-out
  • Surety and Performance Bonds
  • Pollution and Environmental Issues including site contamination risks
  • Delay in Start-up and Advanced Loss of Profits Insurance
  • Latent Defect Insurance for up to 10 Years to guarantee the quality of the project
  • Primary Public Liability and Excess of Loss Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Workers’ Compensation and Employee Protection (Personal Accident and Overseas Risks)
  • Marine/Waterborne insurances – Hull, Cargo and Working Risks including Diving Risks

Claims – the ultimate test

Perhaps in construction more than any other industry, time is money and a fast, positive resolution to a claim is essential to keep a project on time and on budget.

When you work with Stamford, you will know that you have a team of experienced professionals on your side able to negotiate on equal terms with insurers, loss adjusters and lawyers. We will go the extra mile to ensure that your legitimate claims are settled promptly, fairly and with a minimum of fuss. Our commitment to achieving this will always be a top priority.

We have worked across all sectors of the Industry including

Construction  |  Property Development  |  Bridges  |  Tunnels  |  Ports & Harbours  |  Manufacturing  |  Civil Engineering  |  Utilities  |  Power Generation  |  Demolition & Hazardous Waste  |  Infrastructure & Transport  |  Mines & Quarries  |  Oil & Gas – Onshore/Offshore

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