Owners of so-called ‘leaky’ homes are well aware of the costs and inconvenience which can arise from building defects – in many cases a combination of poor design, faulty materials and defective workmanship has had devastating consequences for them.  The professionals who work in the remediation industry have recognised that our 10 year building warranty can restore value and provide peace of mind which far outweighs the cost of the policy.

Equally, it is important to recognise that our building warranty is only available for projects where the design and specification meets the highest current building standards.  This is a double benefit for the owner because the insurers promote and support improved building standards and back that up with a comprehensive warranty.

Our building warranty policy covers major structural defects and failure of the waterproof envelope due to:

  • Defective design or specification
  • Failure of products and materials
  • Defective workmanship

And also covers:

  • Damage to other parts of the structure caused by a defect in the works
  • Professional fees
  • Cost of temporary accommodation whilst repairs are carried out

We can insure the Home Owner or the Body Corporate as required to cover:

  • Individual homes
  • Townhouses, duplex and multi-unit complexes
  • Apartment buildings

Why Insure?

  • A comprehensive building warranty insurance policy which delivers security and peace of mind
  • Freedom from risk of future failure and litigation
  • We provide a first response building warranty policy directly to the owner
  • Covers all defects for the first 2 years and major structural defects for a further 8 years
  • Restores value to the property
  • Transferrable to a new owner on sale at any time within 10 years

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