You wouldn’t buy a new car or even a fridge which didn’t come with a warranty – yet 2 out of 3 Kiwis buy a new home without a building warranty – “She’ll be right” they say – but what if she isn’t?

It’s a big investment of course – your haven, your security, your dream.
It’s never supposed to become a nightmare.


And with a Stamford Building Warranty, it never will.
Stamford’s Building Warranty Insurance will protect you from major structural defects if they arise with your home for 10 years from the date of completion.


First response – you can come to us first and we will take over dealing with the problem and finding the solution
Professional – we and our partners will manage your claim quickly and efficiently because as insurance professionals, we have had many years’ experience in doing just that


Read more to find out how our building warranty policy will provide you with peace of mind when buying a new home or renovating your existing home.

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